Permaculture Design Companion

The Permaculture Design Companion is a practical 190 page workbook that uses permaculture tools to bring your project to reality.


Shelter :: The Undercroft

It's been a while now since we left the hobbit house and we've finally found a piece of land which we can actually call our own. As part of the Lammas project we are now living on the site of Wales' first authorised 'low-impact' ecovillage.

After being granted Planning Permission at the end of August 2009, we moved immediately onto the land. Through that autumn we built this home, the undercroft. We worked with a fantastic bunch of folk to put up a quick and simple dwelling, quite similar to the hobbit house featured on this website. Huge thanks and love to all who worked on it with us.

By December, it had reached the stage that we were able to evacuate our temporary tented shelter and move on in. So once again, we were enjoying the satisfaction and delight of a home made home and a short christmas break. Over the next year we carried on, adding the finishing touches like a skylight, kitchen, bathtub and conservatory.

We have also been working outwards across our 7 acre plot. This has included tree planting, setting up forest garden areas, pond making, constructing a workshop and sheep barn and plenty more. Now we're feeling ready, we'll are starting work on a larger house to last us a lifetime.