Permaculture Design Companion

The Permaculture Design Companion is a practical 190 page workbook that uses permaculture tools to bring your project to reality.


  • Links & Resources

    There are loads of them out there. These are a few of our favourites.


    Building a Low Impact Roundhouse
    Tony Wrench's explanation of his build. Shows how anyone can do it, regardless of skills or resources. Highly recommended.

    Home Work: Handbuilt Shelter
    A fantastic showcase of self built shelters world over.

    A Pattern Language - Christopher Alexander et al.
    Design guide, usable by anyone, to make healthy functional rooms, buildings and neighbourhoods.

    Spirit and Place: Healing Our Environment - Christopher Day
    How to design healthy architecture and its effects on people.

    Building with Straw Bales - Barbara Jones
    A simple but comprehensive guide to straw bale building geared to the UK climate.

    The Art of Natural Building: Design, Construction, Resources
    Essays and introductions to nearly every aspect of the subject.

    The Earth Care Manual - Patrick Whitefield
    Practical all round permaculture book, lots on growing in the UK.

    Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability - David Holmgren
    Permaculture design as a solution to the problems of modern times.


    Pioneering low impact ecovillage project in SW Wales.

    Low Impact Living Initiative
    Factsheets, courses, shop and more - good introductory material.

    Steward Wood
    An inspirational bunch of people living in the woods and some fantastic, more in depth resources.

    The Land is Ours / Chapter 7
    Advice and support, particularly on planning issues. They also make a great magazine called the land.

    Tony and Jane's Roundhouse
    Landmark dwelling which has shaped the state of low impact development in Britain.

    Cae Mabon
    Retreat village of jaw-droppingly beautiful low impact buildings.

    Flying Concrete
    Steve Korhner sprays lightweight concrete to make the most exquisite sculptural architecture I've seen.

    The Permaculture Association (Britain)
    Learn more about permaculture, the design philosophy of this project.