The Lammas Project is a voluntary organisation that has been working to promote low impact development for the last three years. It was involved in the development of a Low Impact planning policy in Pembrokeshire, the first county in the UK to introduce one. This policy allows low impact building and living where it is tied to working the land for a simple livelihood. Lammas has since, with others, been lobbying for similar national policies. A Wales-wide policy is now in public consultation and English agricultural planning guidance is going in the same direction.

Meanwhile Lammas has managed to get permission for a settlement of nine 5 acre low-impact smallholdings under Pembrokeshire's policy.

The Tir-y-Gafel settlement is well underway. Much of the infrastrucuture is now in place and the buildings are starting to go up. Thousands of trees have been planted, and gardens have been started and homes are being built. To find out more about the settlement check out the Lammas website.

Lammas also provides advice and solidarity to those pursuing low impact living elsewhere. For more details about the project see