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The Permaculture Design Companion is a practical 190 page workbook that uses permaculture tools to bring your project to reality.


Wild by Design is a mini design toolkit to inspire creative solutions for people to live in harmony with nature

Wild by Design

This booklet is about the integration of the land and people at our smallholding, Berllan Dawel, part of the Lammas ecovillage in West Wales. It aims to give an introduction and an inspiration to living more sustainably.

The booklet includes tips on how to get started with a patch of land and making sound choices for ourselves and the wild potential of the landscape. With plenty of colour and photos, it has design summaries for a small house; kitchen and forest gardens; grazing and firewood and a land based livelihood.

Packed with ideas for how we can create resilience and live more in harmony with the earth, the booklet also looks at permaculture solutions to meeting the basic human needs of shelter; water; food and energy.

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